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Vietnam history with travelers

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Dong Ba is the market area's largest city, Thua Thien Hue and neighboring areas, market area, located along the north bank of Huong river, on Tran Hung Dao street. Before the name, Dong Ba market, was put into use in the market named Qui Gia Thi worked outside the doors in the reign of king Gia Long. In summer 1885, the city of Hue was attacked, the market Rules, the Market had burned, but until the year 1887, king Gia Long to build back to the market and renamed Dong Ba market, since then the market be put into operation as a market chinhs of the city provide all essential items for the royal palace and the people. Guests can look to the market to find and purchase all these souvenirs of Agave Thien Hue cultural remains are kept to this day in the Dong Ba market, or the dish curb only at the market.
Thien Mu pagoda located on the Kim Long in ward, Huong Long, on the northern bank of the Perfume river. There are many legends told about Thien Mu pagoda, that there was a time many people see an elderly woman appears every night in the top of the hill, then there is another day there is a god go through will build an architecture extremely important, from which this place is named as Thien Mu pagoda. Then, when lord Nguyen Hoang actually went through this place look at the hill and hear stories of the people retelling, he has decided to build for Her. After going through so many stages, from disaster to renewal where this still exists as a symbol of Hue city.

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